Windows & Linux Installation & Trouble Shooting

Windows & Linux Installation & Troubleshooting training covers the essentials of installing, configuring, and resolving issues on both operating systems. Participants gain practical skills in installation methods, driver management, troubleshooting techniques, and resolving common errors for seamless system operation.

Installation & Configuration

  • Cisco Routers
  • Switches & Firewalls


Cisco Voipe Configuration & Trouble-Shooting

Virtual Lab Creation

Labs For Ethical Hacking

Labs For System Administration

Labs For Networking

Labs For Offensive Security

Labs For Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering

Send Boxing

Cape & KOKO Sound Box For Windows Malware

Fissibility & Site Survey For Wireless Link


Fissibility and site survey for wireless link training covers the essential aspects of assessing the feasibility and conducting surveys for wireless communication systems. Topics include signal propagation analysis, interference analysis, link budget calculations, site selection criteria, equipment placement, and regulatory considerations. Participants gain skills in optimizing wireless link performance and ensuring successful implementation of wireless networks.


Research Project


Find Ideas


Start Optimize


Reach Target

IP Camera Installation & Configuration

IP Camera Installation & Configuration training equips participants with the skills needed to install and configure IP cameras for robust surveillance systems. Topics covered include camera placement, network setup, power requirements, and camera configuration settings. Participants learn about video encoding, resolution, remote access, and storage management for efficient IP camera deployment.

Trouble-Shooting Of Cisco Equipment

Troubleshooting Cisco equipment training provides in-depth knowledge and practical skills for diagnosing and resolving issues with Cisco networking devices. Participants learn troubleshooting methodologies, command-line interface (CLI) diagnostics, and troubleshooting tools. Topics include network connectivity problems, configuration errors, hardware failures, and protocol-related issues, enabling effective problem-solving in Cisco environments.