Windows & Linux Installation & Trouble Shooting

Windows: User-friendly OS with easy installation and effective troubleshooting methods. Linux: Open-source OS with versatile installation options and robust troubleshooting techniques.

Windows Installation & Troubleshooting: User-friendly OS with vast software support; troubleshoot with system restore, driver updates, or antivirus scans.Linux Installation & Troubleshooting: Versatile open-source OS; troubleshoot with terminal commands, package management, or community forums for assistance.

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Installation & Configuration

Cisco Routers, Switches & Firewall

Trouble-Shooting of Cisco Equipment

Troubleshooting Cisco Equipment involves diagnosing and resolving network issues with Cisco devices like routers, switches, and firewalls. It requires expertise in analyzing device logs, using diagnostic commands, verifying configurations, and conducting packet captures. Troubleshooters identify and resolve problems to ensure optimal network performance and reliability.

IP Camera Installation & Configuration

IP Camera Installation & Configuration involves setting up and configuring network-based surveillance cameras. It includes physical installation, network connectivity setup, and configuring camera settings such as resolution, frame rate, and motion detection. Proper configuration ensures efficient video streaming, remote access, and integration with security systems for effective monitoring and surveillance.





Fisibility & Site Surrey For Wireless Link

  • Training

Feasibility & Site Survey for Wireless Link training involves learning the process of assessing the practicality of establishing a wireless connection. Participants gain knowledge in analyzing terrain, identifying obstacles, managing signal interference, and calculating optimal distances. They acquire skills in antenna placement, equipment selection, and evaluating signal strength for reliable and stable wireless links.

Cisco Voip Configuration & Trouble-Shooting

  • Virtual Lab Creation
  • Labs For System Administration
  • Labs for Ethical Hacking
  • Labs for System Administration
  • Labs for Networking
  • Labs for Offenssive Security
  • Labs of Malwre analysis & Reverse engineering
  • Send Boxing
  • Cape & KOKO Sand Box for Wiindows malware