Introduction to C++ that engage and inspire

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Object-Oriented Programming

  • Understanding object-oriented programming concepts
  • Overview of classes and objects
  • Understanding inheritance and polymorphism
  • Creating and using classes and objects in C++
  • Implementing basic class hierarchies

Pointers and Memory Management

  • Understanding pointers and their uses
  • Overview of dynamic memory allocation
  • Implementing memory management in C++
  • Understanding common memory management errors

Standard Template Library (STL)

  • Understanding the Standard Template Library (STL)
  • Overview of STL containers and algorithms
  • Implementing common STL containers (e.g. vectors, lists, maps)
  • Using STL algorithms to manipulate containers

Advanced Topics

  • Implementing templates and generic programming in C++
  • Understanding multithreaded programming and synchronization
  • Overview of network programming in C++
  • Understanding C++11 and newer language features

C ++

  • Understanding the basics of programming and C++
  • Overview of programming languages and compilers
  • Understanding variables and data types
  • Understanding basic control structures (e.g. loops, conditional statements)
  • Writing and running basic C++ programs

Functions and Arrays

  • Understanding functions and function calls
  • Overview of arrays and their uses
  • Creating and manipulating arrays in C++
  • Understanding the difference between arrays and pointers
  • Using functions to manipulate arrays

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